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Selecting Your Playlist

Wedding Ceremonies

Prelude Music

Feel free to choose up to 8 music selections to be played while your guests arrive- or leave it to the musician's choice


Pick one or two pieces for your family and wedding party

with a special piece for the bride or groom entrance

Unity Ceremony

You may choose to highlight a moment in your ceremony, such as a candle lighting or sand mixing, with a special song in the background


Choose an upbeat song to get the party started

as you celebrate

your first introduction

as a married couple!

Cocktail Music

Choose one of four levels of customization


Leave It to Us

If you don't want the pressure of choosing, we will play a crowd-pleasing mix of classic rock, jazz and modern pop covers along with a few upbeat classical selections


Give Us a Theme

Whether it's an Italian dinner party, Renaissance fair, holiday event or a Star Wars wedding- let us know your theme and we'll pick the music to match!


Tell Us Your Favorites

To guide your cocktail hour playlist,

let us know some of your favorite songs or artists and we'll play those as well as similar styles to fill the rest of your special event's music


Make A Playlist

Know exactly what you want? 

Feel free to list up to 25 selections per hour from our wide repertoire. Highlight your favorites and 

we'll play only from your list! 

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